This is information regarding a National Pro-Life Youth Video Contest sent to us from London Area Right to Life Association:

Hello Edmonton Pro-Life, 

We are the London Area Right To Life Association and we launched our National Pro-Life Youth Video Contest called #150WaystoLife on May 5th and would love your support. This video contest is requesting young pro-lifers (29 and under) to submit a video (3 minutes maximum) describing what they are doing for real maternal health and unborn rights in Canada. Award for 1st place is $1000, 2nd place is $500, and 3rd place is $250.     

This video contest is also in celebration with Canada's 150th birthday. We will begin to post the finalists on July 1st; during this time, we will also promote our 150 ways to be Prolife in Canada infographic.This infographic will highlight how Canadians can be actively engaged in the pro-life movement. We will have information directing readers to various organizations throughout Canada. If you have a short statement about how Canadians can get involved with your organization, please email us back so that we can include you in our infographic. On July 1st, we will launch our infographic and would also love your endorsement and promotion during this time. 

How Can You Help Us: 

1. Share our link on your Facebook page.
Our Facebook (London Area Right To Life Association) link to our contest promotion is as followed:  

2. Send an email to your mailing list attaching our website and encouraging the youth in your organization to enter their own video. Here is our web address: 

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

Best Regards, 
London Area Right To Life Association  

London Area Right To Life 
3-1193 Oxford Rd E
London, ON N5Y 3M2
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