Do I have to register to attend?

No, but it would help us to know some numbers ahead of time to plan the march logistically in terms of scheduling, estimating the marching time, having extra water bottles on site, possible demographics such as how many people would be coming from cities and rural areas, which cities, etc.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! Bring not only your children, but your grand, and great-grand children. It's their generation that is missing their friends and cousins. It's a formative moment in their lives to exercise their freedoms of religion, conscience, association, and peaceful assembly. It's also educational for them in terms of civil rights and the empowerment to influence society and government for positive change at the most important area of life - human life.

We suggest bringing bagged lunches for children. A first aid van with a nurse is on site and travels with the marchers for minor emergencies. We also have some bottled water. The more children the better! Please consider encouraging your children to share the opportunity to march with their friends and relatives, provided that they have their parents' permission. What greater sign is there that all lives are valuable than the young with parents and grandparents!

What does the March accomplish?

  1. It proclaims the pro-life message to the world. Locally, the provincial legislators, the media, pedestrians, and those watching from office towers see us and our peaceful pro-life message.
  2. It provides a safe venue for pro-life supporters to express their views in a culture dominated by pro-abortion and pro-assisted suicide advocates.
  3. Many social changes in history require people to speak up before change is enacted. Consider the rights of men, women, children, and minorities. The last human beings to have their rights respected are the unborn who are not potential human beings, but human beings with potential!
  4. It provides encouragement for pro-life supporters who can feel alone and pushed into the social "closet" and it at once provides encouragement for the young to inspire them to continue the march for life.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes for the weather, which can be cool or hot. Please check the weather forecast!

Parking and Drop-off Details

Buses drop off at 107 St. ETS bus terminal far right lane adjacent to Leg. grounds.
Parking for all vehicles available on 106 St. east of the Legislature grounds.

What is the route?

map 2019This year's route will be travelling north along 108 Street from the Legislature Building to Jasper Ave, traveling east and turning south on 102 Street, which becomes 100 Avenue. When 100 Avenue reaches 108 Street, the route then turns south and returns to the Legislature grounds.

Are there accommodations for people with varying levels of mobility?

We ordinarily have had the benefit of having a shuttle bus run from St. Joseph's Basilica to Alberta Legislarture starting at 11:30 a.m. and returning people after the march at about 3:45 p.m. We also have a mini-van that can provide a ride for those who become fatigued or weary during the march. Please contact one of our march marshals/volunteers.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, please send us an email to discuss this further - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone or text 780-812-9340.

I can’t attend, what other ways can I get involved?

Yes! There are many other ways one can Get Involved

Are there marches in other cities in Alberta?

Yes, there are! There's one in Ottawa, and other provincial marches as well.

Is pro-life just a euphemism for anti-abortion?

Undoubtedly we are against abortion even as we are against murder and all other injustices against human life, although the wilful and deliberate killing of the unborn is the most egregious. We are also against assisted suicide (the patient orders his own death) and euthanasia (others than the patient kill the patient). More than this, however, we are for the celebration of life, irrespective of its stage of development, appearance, or cognitive state, because all human beings have inherent and inviolable dignity that neither a state nor an authority confers and cannot retract.